Seagate Skyhawk ST4000VX007 4TB 3.5″ SURV HDD

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Seagate Skyhawk ST4000VX007 4TB SURVEILLANCE Hard Disk Drive : 3.5″ : SATA 6Gbps : 5900 rpm : 64MB Cache

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Seagate Skyhawk ST4000VX007 4TB SURVEILLANCE Hard Disk Drive : 3.5″ : SATA 6Gbps : 5900 rpm : 64MB Cache

Seagate has been making drives specifically designed for CCTV surveillance for over ten years and the new Skyhawk range is designed for a workload rating of over 180TB per year with 1M hours MTBF and a 3 year limited manufacturers warranty.

This Seagate Skyhawk 4TB Surveillance drive is a great match for Perisale 8 and 16 Channel TVRs, the Q-See 8 channel NVRs such as the QT878 and the larger multiple drive recorders from Q-See such as the QT816, QT8732 and the QT8764.

Choose a Seagate surveillance drive where high rates of write are required.  As a guide these are some of the situation that we would recommend choosing Surveillance grade drives:

  • 8 cameras or more in 24hr permanent record mode 2MP or higher with 25fps and low compression
    • Up to 8 cameras 2MP in 12fps, medium compression it is ok to select Barracuda desktop grade drives.
  • 12 cameras or more in motion detect record mode 2MP or higher with 12 fps and any medium compression.
  • 17 cameras or more in all circumstances
    • A 16x 2MP cameras deployment in high compression and 7fps will operate with a single Barracuda Desktop drive
  • Multi Drive NVRs where three or more drives are required and will operate in RAID format
    • This is typically where 16, 32 and 64 2MP+ cameras are deployed at high frame per second rates.

The Seagate Barracuda range of Desktop Personal Hard Drives are ideally suited to single SATA disk DVR, TVR and NVRs only.  They provide highly reliable storage with write speeds suitable for one to four cameras in permanent write (24hour recording) 25fps 2MP mode or up to eight cameras in motion detect record mode or 16 cameras with high compression and low frame rates.

For situations of high bandwidth, heavy sustained write requirements typically with larger megapixel and number of cameras we recommend the Seagate Surveillance range.  The higher sustained write speed and additional support for the extended SATA commands for additional write modes will ensure all camera frames are recorded and no “image jumping” occurs at playback.