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CCTV Power Box 12V, 15A, 9CH

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Power Adaptor Distribution Box : 12 volt : 15 amp : 9 Channel Out : L235xW205xH50 : AC 110-240V in

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Power Adaptor Distribution Box : 12 volt : 15 amp : 9 Channel Out : L235xW205xH50 : AC 110-240V in

A CCTV power supply box, also known as a power distribution box, allows surveillance system installers to easily manage the power to multiple CCTV cameras at a central secure point (usually at the location of the DVR) allowing for a much neater installation replacing many small power supply “bricks” all plugged into a mains distribution power board.  For industrial, commercial and government installations it is highly recommended to use power distribution boxes that can be locked ensuring that power can not simply be turned off to power off all cameras.

In addition to the better security and neater installation of a power box its important to note their increased reliability when compared to multiple power bricks.  Power distribution boxes have been known to still be in operation 15 years after installation and while we don’t warranty this it is certainly likely that they provide for more reliable power supply than multiple power bricks.

Power distribution boxes are available for up to 5, 9 or 18 channels and we recommend this selector chart when choosing your model:

Up to 5 cameras : 1 amp max /channel Choose 5Ch, 5A box
Up to 9 cameras : 1 amp max /channel Choose 9Ch, 15A box
Up to 18 cameras : 1 amp max /channel Choose 18Ch, 30A box

CCTV power distribution boxes can be wired directly into a building power or an Australian Type I plug can be installed for connection to a power point.  In Australia all such work must be conducted by a licensed electrician.

Old camera upgrade considerations

Where old cameras are being removed and replaced with new cameras on existing RG59 coax cabling be very careful of the old power supply.  Old CCTV cameras could be 12V or 24V and if you do not replace the old power supply with a new power distribution box and you connect 12V cameras to a 24V you will permanently destroy the camera and warranty will be void.

When replacing old cameras we always recommend you replace the power distribution boxes also at the same time to match the new cameras.


Channels 9
Input Voltage AC95V to AC263V
Practical Input Voltage AC110V to AC240V
Output Voltage DC12V +/-10%
Output POT Adjustable Range ADJUSTMENT 10.5 to 14V
Output Current 9x 1.0A fused outlets
Max Output 15A max
Output Power 180W
Spare fuses Yes : 4x 1 amp
External power LED Yes : Red : Power on
Fuse and Channel status indicator Yes : 9x internal LEDs
DC Output 47 to 63Hz
Dimensions L235xW205xH50 mm