myHome IP Bundle – 4x 2MP Cameras, Recorder & Accessories

$1,789.18 $999.00 inc GST

myHome IP Bundle : 4x 2MP 1080P High Def IP cameras : Choose Bullet or Dome style : 4Ch Q-See Network Video Recorder HD-1080P : Hard Drive : Cable & Connector set (Ethernet)


myHome IP Bundle : 4x 2MP 1080P High Def IP cameras : Choose Bullet or Dome style : 4Ch Q-See Network Video Recorder HD-1080P : Hard Drive : Cable & Connector set (Ethernet)

The Perisale myHomeIP bundles ship as one of the industries most complete kits, ready for the home handy man (or woman), security consultant, electrical trades professional or technical support expert to install.

This kit uses the modern Ethernet style data networking commonly found for computer networks but rather than requiring you to already have such as network in place or build one at additional cost we include everything you may require for a neat, complete professional deployment.  Just add a little sweat!

The Recorder:

You will see this kit ships with a fantastic Q-See Network Video Recorder (NVR), the Q-See QT844, with a 1TB hard drive storage drive as standard.  This High Definition (HD or HD-IP) unit supports up to 4x cameras in 2Megapixel recording mode at 25 frames per second.

While it is difficult to say definitively how long you will be able to store footage for given the variables involved as an estimate with 4x cameras, 1TB storage, typical motion detection, 15 frame per second recording and medium H.264 compression should allow for up to 10 days of archive.  Increase your hard drive capacity if this does not seem enough.

The cameras:

This Perisale myHomeIP bundles comes with 4 standard High Definition 2 Megapixel IP cameras encoding in H.264 at up to 25 fps.  The cameras included are fixed lens 3.6mm models that “look” in a typical 87° field of view with an in focus point 3 to 4 meters from the camera.  They are ideal for typical standard use, both indoors and out.  A few screws and connection with the included 20 meter Cat5e infrastructure cable and you are ready to record.

The accessories:

All Perisale DIY kits include a great range of accessories for professional installation.  The myHomeIP bundles include 20 meter Cat5e Ethernet infrastructure cables that are used to run from the camera through your roof and wall cavities down to a wall plate.  At the wall plate you will connect the Cat5e RJ45 connector to the inside wall socket of a RJ45 Cat5/5 Keystone Coupler.  In this way all your cameras are neatly installed and the cables are presenting at a point near to your home entertainment unit, home office or other suitable location.  The wall plate(s), wall plate mounting brackets, keystone couplers and keystone blanks (for holes not in use) are all provided.  Fantastic eh!

Once your wall plate is ready we also provide 2 meter patch leads that will connect the wall sockets to the back of your NVR to the Perisale power over ethernet switch which is also included.  The Perisale switch has 4x PoE ports for connection to the cameras and a fifth port for connecting to your home ADSL router.  From your ADSL router you also need to connect via Ethernet cable to the QT-844 NVR.  A cable is also included for this but if you need one longer than 2 meters you will need to purchase this separately.

If you dont have a home or small business ADSL or other internet service and dont wish to access your network video recorder and streams over the Internet then simply plug the QT844 into the fifth port on the Perisale PoE switch for stand alone recording.

Connect the QT-844 with the supplied HDMI cable to your TV or monitor and you will be recording and viewing video footage in no time.

What’s not included:

Your energy
Your TV or Monitor
Your ADSL Home Internet service or other Internet connection.