HDMI Extender Kit Cat5e/6 100M

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HDMI Extender Kit : CAT5e or CAT6 : 100 Meters

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HDMI Extender Kit : CAT5e or CAT6 : 100 Meters

When you wish to locate one or more displays a log way from your DVR or NVR these units can be employed to convert a HDMI signal and extend it over standard Ethernet cabling up to 100 meters.  Cat5e or Cat6 standards compliant cable will suffice.  When used in conjunction with a HDMI splitter you can have remote displays distributed about your home or business with ease.

Basically you may use a HDMI extender to substitute CAT5e or CAT6 for expensive HDMI cabling.

IEEE-568B and HDCP compliant.  Signalling up to 2.25Gbps for 1920x1080P HD support.

Please note these units will not support 4K UHD transmission.