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Pubs, Clubs, Hotels and Bars present unique requirements for CCTV and very often have old existing equipment that is just not up to modern standards. Q-See has a fantastic range of equipment ideally suited for new equipment installations and for existing location upgrades.  In fact Q-See offers hybrid solutions designed for licensees wishing to slowly migrate old cameras to new over time with a single set of infrastructure supporting both old and new cameras.

Perisale has years of experience assisting licensees to solve problems with modern CCTV utilizing Q-See Video Surveillance Solutions.  You will be amazed how things have change and how modern CCTV systems with Artificial Intelligence, Facial Recognition, Ultra High Definition (4K) and Intelligent Video Analytics can assist licensees to operate more efficiently.

In addition to CCTV installations and upgrades Perisale offers a fixed CCTV service charge of $200 (plus parts) to repair all makes and model of CCTV in Sydney.   No problem is too small.

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CCTV Repairs and Service Checks

CCTV requires maintenance and repairs often.  General electrician call out and hourly rates to fix problems can be significant and often time inefficient as electrical trades people are not generally fully versed in all CCTV matters.  Specialist CCTV maintenance companies can be more expensive!

Recognizing this Perisale offers a flat service call out fee of $200 to repair all CCTV problems plus any parts if required for licensed premises within 50Km of Sydney.  This fee covers all labour required for general maintenance and repairs inclusive of complete system checkup, camera cleans, hard disk health check, cable terminations and throughput checks, firmware updates and re-installation of Internet firewall settings and mobile devices.  If replacement cameras or other equipment is needed our staff can advise on the parts prices on the day.  Note there is NO OBLIGATION.  Click here for more information.

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Upgrading Analog CCTV to Super-HD and Ultra-HD 4K

Often licensed venues have old "Analog" equipment which includes a large investment in good quality but old coaxial copper (RG6, RG59) cabling.  Many CCTV service providers will advise that to upgrade to latest generation Super High Definition and Ultra High Definition video that venues must remove all the old cabling and replace with modern Ethernet Cat5/6.  This has significant labour costs that can often average out at over $2500 per camera.  When locations can often have in excess of 24 cameras this is therefore a large project, with significant cost that must be conducted all at once for economies of scale and be scheduled into annual budgets.  It is a big business disruption.

But the core requirement to upgrade cabling to obtain Super-HD and 4K CCTV is not needed at all!

With Q-See and Perisale we can upgrade existing old analog and early generation digital video recorders to new HD, Super-HD and Ultra-HD 4K.  Prices inclusive of labour and all hardware is in the $500-$600 per camera averaged range.  We do this by refreshing the cable terminations, power injection supplies and replacing the central recorders with UHD 4K capable units and cameras only on your old cable.

The saving is significant.  And cameras can slowly upgraded over time.

Click here for Super-HD and Ultra-HD DVRs that can connect to old Analog and HD cameras on coax and allow for upgrades to SHD and UHD 4K over time.

Click here for HD, Super-HD and Ultra-HD commercial/industrial grade cameras that will work on refurbished coaxial RG6 and RG59 coaxial cable and with the Q-See QTH DVRs.


New locations and venue refurbs

For new installations and significant renovations we can advise on the latest technologies, the placement of equipment and the maintenance required.  While better quality video recording is fantastic, for licensed premises there are so many other new technologies designed to make business operations easier.

The latest equipment from Q-See includes Ultra High Resolution (4K) cameras and recording equipment but they also include distributed 4K display options, Artificial Intelligence, Video Analytics and multi-site CCTV video feed sharing and inter-connectivity.

These latest technologies allow for high accuracy facial identification and alerts for banned patrons, credit card fraud presenter identification, bar tab runners, gold class patron alerts, gambling self-excluder identification, male/female/child counting, people area counting, people density alerts, equipment tracking, area denial by time schedule alert, vandal alerts and many other features.

In addition to these new intelligence technologies the modern recorders from Q-See allow for very rapid scanning for scene change, face finding, equipment removal and left item detection.  No longer is it needed to spend large amounts of time scanning video at 2x, 4x and 8x playback speeds to work out when something happened.  With the click of a mouse you can jump straight to the time something important happened.

And the best part - these modern CCTV solutions ARE NOT EXPENSIVE.

An 8 channel 4K AI network recorder and 4x AI/Facial recognition advanced analytics cameras is less that $2500.00


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