Commercial Video Building Surveillance – Wollongong

Does Video Surveillance of a Commercial Building in Wollongong Really Help?

There are multiple types of commercial properties such as small businesses, retail stores, warehouses, malls, and multi-story business towers. Problems these commercial buildings face can range from security and safety issues, to protection against theft. Each business faces unique challenges, and there is no one universal system right for them all. A customised video surveillance system can improve the security of your buildings, and help protect tenants from crime or other issues.

How Video Surveillance in Wollongong Improves Security

When you install commercial surveillance in Wollongong, it provides a host of benefits to you and your tenants. Your building likely has a set of rules that come with the tenancy, and a surveillance system can protect you by ensuring that each tenant complies with the rules and guidelines in their lease. You can prevent any unwanted activity and give yourself peace of mind knowing that any activities conducted on the premises in Wollongong are as intended.

Video surveillance in Wollongong provides you and tenants with a barrier of protection against theft, crime, and vandalism. Building owners often end up with the task of cleaning up and paying for vandalism that occurs in their commercial buildings and property. A presence of cameras deters against these activities, as well as crime and theft. Signs posted advertising the cameras, along with the actual presence of video surveillance equipment, sends a signal to would-be intruders that they are being watched and can deter criminals from even entering the premises.

If your employees know cameras are present, they are less likely to take extra bathroom breaks and work slowly. The presence of cameras can increase productivity and encourage employees to work harder, faster, and more efficiently, saving you money. Cameras can also help you ensure employees are following safety codes and regulations and prevent injuries, protecting you and your employees from lost work time and medical costs.

Why Update Old Systems?

If you already have a security system and are wondering if you should update it, the answer is probably. If your CCTV system is more than two or three years old, it will still have VHS resolution. Why is that a big deal? Think about when you upgrade your VHS player to a DVD. You did this because the picture was better, and then you upgraded from a DVD to BlueRay for the same reason. If you watch a VHS tape now after getting used to the higher quality of DVD and BlueRay, you see a marked difference in quality. The picture is more vivid and clear. It’s the same thing with upgrading your CCTV system. If your video is clearer, it will make it easier to spot problems.

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