Commercial Video Building Surveillance – Newcastle

Upgrade Your Building Surveillance in Newcastle with High-End Technology

Technology is always adapting. We used to put a bulky rectangle into a machine whenever we wanted to watch a movie (always needing to wait a few minutes for the tape to rewind of course). When DVD technology came out, everyone excitedly upgraded for a more convenient viewing experience with a better picture. The technology was far from perfect, though, with a minor scratch resulting in missing parts of the movie. Then streaming and Ultra High Definition 4K viewing came out for an even better experience.

With these technology advances, no one thought “it’s okay, I’ll just stay with my VHS” With each upgrade, people jumped on board to enjoy the technological advancements. We easily upgrade our technology when entertainment is involved. So why would you not do the same when the safety of your company is involved?

The technology behind video surveillance for your Newcastle business is rapidly changing. If your commercial surveillance system is more than a few years old, it is overdue for an upgrade.

Improved Video Surveillance for Newcastle Companies

If your system is a few years old, it is outdated technology. The difference in systems is like comparing VHS picture quality to BlueRay picture technology. With the old version, you miss out on the valuable clarity of images that can make all the difference between catching a thief and only seeing a blurry face.

Old technology is in the 500,000-pixel camera range. While this may sound like a lot, current video surveillance technology sits in the 4 million pixel cameras range! With this higher number of pixels, you get a much clearer picture quality, which can help you identify problem causing individuals easier.

This improved commercial surveillance technology allows you see in detail the smallest actions. Older technology failed to capture hands going into handbags clearly, cash denominations, stock brands, and the other methods people cleverly employ in hopes of getting away with their actions while being recorded by the cameras. Simply having cameras on is not enough to accurately pinpoint actions like removing cash from the register. You need to be able to identify the wrongdoing clearly and the face of the individual stealing from you. You can do this if you upgrade your building surveillance to higher quality cameras.

Enjoy a Convenient Way to Purchase Commercial Surveillance Technology

At Perisale, we want to make the purchasing and installation process as easy as possible for you. Our staff is ready to assist you in sorting through your many options. We know our commercial surveillance products well and can easily guide you to the solution that is best for you. We’ve served business in several industries, from child care to hospitals to governments. This range of experience means we are highly adaptable at identifying the best system for your unique needs and location.

Working with you, we design the ideal building surveillance set up using the latest ultra-high definition solutions to cover and protect your business properly. We also offer free lifetime product support. You can reach us by phone call or email, whichever is more convenient for you.