Commercial CCTV Installation Cameras – Sydney

Promote good work practices with commercial CCTV in Sydney

Closed circuit television, often shortened to CCTV, is a security tool for monitoring and recording activity in a particular area using surveillance cameras. The video signal from these cameras goes to a computer where owners can monitor said activity. The benefits of commercial CCTV in Sydney number greatly, allowing business owners to minimise stock loss, record movement, and encourage proper employee behaviour, to name a few. For all their benefits, commercial CCTV installation poses a challenge to providers who are inexperienced. Every building poses its own unique restrictions regarding camera placement, proper wiring, and cost effectiveness, so getting the most out of commercial CCTV cameras in Sydney requires a pro in the field that can adapt.

Perisale Australia is a leader in the security and surveillance industry

Perisale Australia is one of Australia’s first breed of IT retailers, established in 1994 and still operating strong today. In 2010, we shifted focus towards the surveillance and security industry, looking to establish ourselves as a leader in commercial CCTV technologies and installations. Since then, we’ve become the preferred provider of commercial CCTV cameras and installation to a wide array of clients in Sydney, ranging from local governments to schools to manufacturers. We accreditations from the NSW Police Force, Trades Monitor and Security Providers Association as a testament to our ability to deliver unmatched customer service and surveillance technology.

Commercial CCTV installation in Sydney differs from home installation due to the increased difficulty imposed by physical constraints of the building and its surroundings. Commercial warehouses are much taller than the average household, and owners must consider outside surveillance of the perimeter, which adds another layer of complexity. In our many years of service, we have developed the know-how in commercial CCTV to be able to adapt to these distinct needs.

A trusted Australian distributor of Q-See

Amongst our many surveillance technologies, one of our most remarkable technologies come from Q-See, an established leader in the development of CCTV cameras. We are the trusted Australian distributor of Q-See and are comfortable with its proper installation and use. Many commonly mistake CCTV technologies as low quality, when the reality is that CCTV resolution has made great leaps and strides towards picturesque quality. Our highest resolution commercial CCTV cameras go up to twice the resolution of a Blu-Ray disc, allowing owners to have an incredible level of detail in activity monitoring rarely seen elsewhere. With such detailed video, better records are kept, saving you money and worry when trouble comes up.

We have teams and technicians ready for commercial CCTV installation technologies in Sydney that can save you and your company a considerable amount of money in the long run. We can provide professional guidance and technical recommendations for areas you may not be familiar with and guide you towards an intelligent solution that works for your specific needs. If you’ve been looking to bring in CCTV technologies to your site, trust Perisale Australia with your security and peace of mind today.