The Twisted Explanations Why Some Husbands Kill Their Spouses

The Twisted Explanations Why Some Husbands Kill Their Spouses


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The Twisted Factors Why Some Husbands Kill Their Spouses

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In April a Texas guy, Ghufran Zafar, ended up being convicted of murder and sentenced to life in jail after shooting their spouse, Asma Zafar, right in front of the two small children. In accordance with court papers, he had presumably mistreated her, actually and verbally, on previous occasions.

In a Utah man, Kenneth Ray Manzanares, was charged with murdering his wife, Kristy Manzanares, while on a cruise ship in Alaska july. He presumably told a witness he achieved it because she’dn’t stop laughing at him.

Plus in August, an innovative new Jersey guy, Gregg Scott, committed committing committing suicide after killing their spouse, Kimberly Dunphey, and 7-year-old son, Owen Scott. Authorities state the man beat them to death after having a marital dispute.

Within the wake of the, along with other current news tales about husbands murdering their spouses, we communicate with specialists by what would drive a person to destroy the individual with who they’ve vowed to fairly share a life time. […]

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